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According to statistics, from 1990 to 2005, China's rare earth export volume grew nearly 10 times, but the price is down 50%.Beginning in 1998, rare earth products export quota system did not reverse the sale situation of rare earth. 详情

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About Jiangpu

  The Jiang Pu Mining (Indonesia) Co., Ltd. registered in June, 2011, and their headquarters located at Jakarta special zone --capital of Indonesia . It approaches the south of 0.5 km. to the entrance and exit of airport expressway and locates in Jakarta's economic heartland with the convenient transportation . 
  This company is invested by the subsidiary of China Jiang Pu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and establishes the close investor relations with the Indonesian government. It is a powerful and good credit multinational enterprise.The company devotes to exploitation and export to the mineral resource ,such as red soil nickel ore and gold ore ect. We have Kendari laterite nickel mining and Padang Salido gold mining in Indonesia .Laterite nickel mining has been extracting the high quality of laterite nickel ore which has put on the international market, producing a good economic effect.
  We hold the principle of "exploitation of integration" and establish our own mining team , shipping ports , shipping fleets and sales system .From production to sales of systems integration and from the origin to the international market specialization, we constantly optimize the management system of transnational corporation .
The gold ore area in Badang Salido has already proven rich reserves of metalliferous mines and obtained the Indonesian government's mining permit.Because we have advanced international mining machinery equipment and the artificial technology.Moreover, we establish a good investment environment with local government, so that we can invest based on standardized and transparent legal safeguards system as well as supported by the Indonesian government and Chinese policies.For these reasons, Badang Salido gold mine has put into exploitation and output stage.
  Jiang Pu (Indonesia) Mining conforms to the trend of economics integration in the world and sticks to “Set up business basis on mine, Sincerity-oriented” operational policy.We hinge around the target of "delicate, professional, superior, strong" and build up the concept of "limited resources but unlimited innovation and green mining , harmonious development " to improve the core competitiveness of the market and then we can create our own brand in the economic market of the world .

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